The Edge Chronicles- Childhood Favourites

I have been enjoying the Edge Chronicles since I was in Year Three, and I am currently on the very last one, The Immortals. They contain beautiful illustrations by Chris Riddell which help Paul Stewart’s writing really come alive. There are ten books in total, and these are divided into three trilogies and a stand alone finale. Just to mention, on the inside covers they list the books in the wrong order, so be aware of that when buying/reading them! The trilogies should be read in the order they were written, not in chronological order of the plot in them, so read them this way round:

The Twig Trilogy:

  1. Beyond The Deepwoods
  2. Stormchaser
  3. Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

The Quint Trilogy:

  1. Curse of The Gloamglozer (did I spell that right?!)
  2. The Winter Knights
  3. Clash of The Sky Galleons

The Rook Trilogy:

  1. Last of The Sky Pirates
  2. Vox
  3. Freeglader

The Immortals

The Lost Barkscrolls (this is a collection of short stories)

I really like this series, but sometimes Paul Stewart can go a bit overboard in the descriptions (especially in clash of the sky galleons)! As a feminist I think that the series is severely lacking in strong female characters- why is it that every girl in it is a sidekick? The characters in them can also be a bit predictable, as they all seem to be either good or bad, with no one in between or undecided, and the lead person in every trilogy has exactly the same personality as the last one! The Rook trilogy is definitely my favourite as it has a character in it called Xanth who is a little mysterious… I would recommend these to readers of all ages; I started reading them when I was seven or eight and I still like them even now!


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