Movie Review: Begin Again

I remember seeing the trailer for Begin Again whilst I was watching The 100! Honestly, I thought it looked extremely cheesy and cliched, and I thought I would never watch it… However the other day I was ill so I thought I’d check it out, and I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it! The acting in it is really natural and doesn’t look so staged as other films, i.e occasionally someone knocks something over by accident. This makes the whole thing seem much more realistic. It has James Corden in it, who I think is pretty good at looking natural whilst acting, and Hailee Steinfeld is also in it (the fact that she was in it made me want to watch it more- she was so amazing in the remake of True Grit that I was exited to see her in something that wasn’t a Western and didn’t involve guns, rattlesnakes or Matt Damon).

The plot revolves around music, and I’m really glad that they wrote original music instead of just reusing existing stuff, because it’s actually pretty good! I liked the fact that it was Keira Knightly singing them, because its SO annoying when singing is a major part of the story and they dub the main actors. She has a pretty voice, which works well with the songs. As a matter of fact, I’m probably going to buy some of the soundtrack on iTunes…

*SPOILER AHEAD* I really respect whoever came up with the plot, because even though there is a male protagonist and a female protagonist, they don’t get together! I hate it in movies when you can just tell instantly who the love interest is, and who you are meant to be shipping. Also, unlike many popular films, it does NOT revolve around a stereotypical female lead who’s only real desire seems to be in a relationship…

So basically I was really impressed with it, would really recommend it (even if you don’t have a cold), and am definitely going to watch it again soon!


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