The Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J Bick


I read this a while ago, around the time when I had just discovered my love of post apocalyptic novels. I had recently read Mortal Engines and Blood Red Road and felt like trying out something a bit more hardcore! A quick synopsis: Alex, a seventeen year old girl with a brain tumour, is hiking in the wilderness when there is an EMP. Most of the people who don’t die instantly develop a super human sense, and some get a taste for human flesh…

I really liked this, as it is super fast paced and keeps you hooked throughout. Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger, which means you have to keep going! It begins with just a few characters, and by the end there are loads more. That’s just in the first one, though; the second book, Shadows, is one of the only books I have read and never finished. If you read Ashes and enjoyed it, don’t read the second one as it will ruin it! Also the covers: In the first one it’s completely wrong (Alex is a redhead with short hair after having chemotherapy) and each book uses a different cover model! Ashes has a twist in the last chapter, and it feels like the plot is getting faster and faster up to there, but then you start the second one, and the plot just starts plodding along really slowly. It’s also so much more violent than it needs to be. I get that it’s a book about cannibals/zombies and so there’s going to be a fair bit of gore, however Shadows has just crossed the line a bit with the details! Ashes has a really good plot, but in Shadows it splits off into lots of mini plots, which are difficult to follow. I haven’t read the last one, Monsters, and I don’t plan to if it’s as bad as Shadows!


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