Review: Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve


This book is one of my favourites as you feel so involved with it and the characters. Its suitable for kids without being patronising and fine for adults without being pretentious or pompous. The first time I read Here Lies Arthur I bought it with me on holiday, but made the mistake of not taking any other book- I finished this on the second day there! When I reread it I got the play away from my local library and I actually enjoyed it much more when it was being read aloud. The woman reading it has quite a relaxing voice and at times she can make it go pretty low which is good as there are a lot of male characters. It has a really interesting protagonist who changes a lot throughout the book, along with the other characters, and this makes the plot seem to span a very long time.

King Arthur isn’t actually in the book very much, he’s just this kind of sad over publicised soldier. It focuses more on Myrddin, his ageing magician and adviser, and Gwyn/Gwynna, Myrddin’s assistant, who narrates it. A fair bit of it is set in Bath, and I found it interesting to read about what my town was like centuries ago. Obviously it’s very different from Mortal Engines, but in my opinion I’d say it’s just as good. You can’t really tell that they’re by the same author because of how different the main character is in each one; in Mortal Engines it’s a boy living in a post apocalyptic city on wheels, and In Here Lies Arthur it’s a scared girl in early Britain. I would recommend this book to anyone as it’s an exciting read and perfectly combines historical fiction with fantasy!


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