Cycling by the canal!

Because today was such a beautiful day I cycled down the Kennet and Avon canal with my family, and thought I would share some of the things that I noticed!

  • A middle aged couple wearing exactly the same outfit (beige coats and wellies) does every couple do this as they get older?! I fear for my future.
  • Several ducks that started harassing me when I was quietly stopping at a cafe. I’ve always had a ‘phobia’ of pigeons, which I have seen swoop down and steal pasties off people in town before, but ducks are like their more muscly relatives…
  • Random dogs, which would just suddenly snuffle up to my bike. At one point a little sausage dog looked like it was about to pee on my father.
  • An unsettlingly human-like crow, which my dad became best friends with after throwing chunks of bread at it. If only real relationships were like that.
  • A man who reminded me of the Competitive Dad from the Fast Show. 

All of these things added together equal a successful trip!

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