The Night Circus

Sorry for the lack of posting recently… I’ve had a lot of stuff going on so I’ve been a little lazy reading wise and haven’t finished many books. However, one book I did read and absolutely loved was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It took a while to get going but it was definitely worth persevering. It tells the story of how Le Cirque Des Reves affects different characters’ lives, by showing the circus through the eyes of the people inside and the ones who come to visit. The plot is very intricate because every character is developed and the author has payed a lot of attention to the smallest details about the circus, like describing individual circus tents. However, sometimes the characters seemed cold and self centred and I didn’t really feel much of a connection to them to begin with. In the end, the beautiful setting was what drew me in and made me like it so much. I found that I felt more empathy for the minor characters, my favourite one being Alexander (the man in the grey suit) because he was basically the ultimate mysterious character. I know you’re not meant to, but I found him sort of funny, ironically, because of how seriously he took himself.  The tent I liked the most was the one Widget makes (no spoilers). I thought it reflected the general mood of the circus better than the other tents and it was more intriguing because it wasn’t just a thing to look at; it used your sense of smell instead. I thought the ending was a nice way to round off the book, and overall it was a satisfyingly circular story.


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