Movies + Music

I was going to do another ‘current playlist’ post, but I realised that the majority of the tracks would be from films. Hence, this post will be specifically dedicated to songs I have discovered via movies!

God Help The Girl– A beautiful movie, with an even more beautiful soundtrack! My favourite ones are:

  • Perfection As A Hipster
  • Musician, Please Take Heed
  • I’ll Have To Dance With Cassie
  • Come Monday Night
  • God Help The Girl

Empire Records– This movie is probably one of my all time favourites, and there are also some gems in the soundtrack, such as…

  • Coyote Shivers- Sugarhigh
  • The Martinis- Free
  • The Ape Hangers- I Don’t Want To Live Today
  • The Innocence Mission- Bright As Yellow

The Village– The soundtrack is filled with beautiful violin music, particularly these two songs:

  • What Are You Asking Me?
  • The Gravel Road

How I Live Now– two of these tracks are on my previous post, but I thought I should include them. They weren’t written specifically for the movie (obviously not the Nick Drake one, anyway) but that is how I discovered them and since then they have become some of my all time favourites.

  • Amanda Palmer- Do It With A Rockstar
  • Daughter- Home
  • Which Will- Nick Drake

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