Is Frozen Feminist?

“Frozen is the first Disney movie to show girls that they don’t need a man!”

My, the amount of times I have heard that… Personally, I think there are many things wrong with that statement.

Firstly, have you never seen MULAN???!!! She literally saves her country from being invaded, whilst defying gender stereotypes and taking on the patriarchy, and still manages to stay a decent human being throughout it all! Not to mention the fantastic songs in the movie…

“But what about Elsa?” I hear you ask. Here’s what I say to that- yes, Elsa doesn’t rely on a man and I suppose she is an independent female character. However, she is also unfeeling and, for God’s sake, her power is FREEZING things!

If anything, that means the film supports the view that if a woman is not in a relationship she is frigid, cold and unfeeling.

In stark contrast, Ana is the epitome of warmth and optimism. Oh, and she has two love interests. See what I mean?

I am not tying to condemn the movie Frozen- it is definitely an improvement on the the entirely one dimensional princesses of the past- but I feel the message it gives to its target audience could be improved. In short, there are other movies of the same genre that promote a better view of gender equality.

Defying gender stereotypes isn’t doing everything you can to NOT conform to them (e.g the ridiculous idea that feminists shouldn’t wear makeup). Instead, it is disregarding them completely and therefore eliminating any influence they may have had over your decisions.


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