Pitch Perfect 2 review

Apologies, but this post will be more of a rant than a review!

So, I liked the original Pitch Perfect movie- it wasn’t particularly deep and meaningful, but had its moments, and overall it was a good feel good film.

I don’t really see why a sequel was made- there was no need plot-wise, so I imagine the people that made it spotted an opportunity to exploit the success of the first one.

The sequel has absolutely none of the charm of the first one, but all of the flaws. I guess you could say that there is diversity among the characters, but every single one fits a stereotype, which is really just as bad.

I also preferred the songs in the original, (but I did like how they briefly included some Fall Out Boy!) because they just generally had a nicer, warmer sound.

I don’t recommend watching this, particularly if you enjoyed the first one, because it kind of spoils it. It is not particularly funny and I felt absolutely no emotional attachment to the characters.



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