Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best show ever

  1. It doesn’t have a laughter track.
  2. The characters are a diverse mix of people.
  3. However, their diversity does not provide the basis for individual characters’ plot lines. (Ahem, Modern Family…)
  4. Andy Samberg’s face. Enough said.
  5. It’s super quotable. I don’t know how many times my friends and I have said ‘samesies’ or ‘for reals’. Although I have to admit that I have never found a situation where it’s appropriate to say ‘When it comes to shooting patterns, I like to go PB&J. Penis, Brain, Jaw.’ I have high hopes for the future, though…
  6. The pose Boyle does in the theme tune.
  7. Several SNL cast members do cameos. Remember in Season One, when Jake and Amy do door to door searches in a block of flats? And that weird guy that Jake dances with? Fred Armisen, for those that didn’t notice. (And obviously Bill Hader appears at the start of Season Three.)

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