Top shows to binge watch

  1. Firefly: There may be only one series of this, but it is impossible to deny its overall amazingness! Because it is written by Joss Whedon there are loads of great bits of dialogue and occasionally a hilarious joke, my personal favourites being Jayne’s hat and Shepherd Book’s hair.
  2. Orphan Black: Season Four of this has just started, with a new episode being uploaded weekly on Netflix. The show is fantastic, fast paced and exciting with some of my favourite characters of all time in it. Although at times really, really funny, it can also be pretty dark (in a good way!). Do yourself a favour and watch it!
  3. The Walking Dead: I’ve been known to watch three or four episodes in one night… But how else am I meant to get my weekly fix of zombie gore, Pep Talks By Rick and Michonne’s sword moves?
  4. That Mitchell And Webb Look: Unfortunately Netflix only has the first three seasons of this, but it’s so funny that I’ve watched all three several times over. Oh, and if you do decide to watch it, look out for the Rebecca sketch; it’s pure genius.
  5. Dance Moms: Despite being the epitome of crappy TV, it’s surprisingly addictive. Trust me, you may feel appalled by Abby’s behaviour to begin with but eventually you’ll feel oddly defensive of her…
  6. Gilmore Girls: I can’t wait for the revival of this. It is and always will be an old favourite. Every time I rewatch an episode I am amazed by how many sneaky little pop culture references they cram in- it’s no wonder though, when you think about how fast the characters talk!

2 thoughts on “Top shows to binge watch

  1. My favourite and the only one I see currently is the walking dead however if I had to binge watche any of those tv shows it would be orphan black, heard good things about it ! 🙂


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