Current Playlist- May 2016

Within the past few months my playlist has literally doubled in size, because I’ve found so many new (but not always recent!) artists/songs that I really like. I’ve linked each one to its music video so you can see what you think of them! Here goes:

  1. Come Back Margaret, Tears For Affairs, French Navy, Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken– All by Camera Obscura.
  2. Spicks and SpecksThe Bee Gees. This played during the end scene of a Season 5 episode of The Walking Dead. Not only is it a fantastic show, it also has a great soundtrack!
  3. Left Hand Free, Every Other Freckle, and many, many more…- All by alt-J.
  4. Runaway and Vitamin CClean Cut Kid
  5. Let’s Go Surfing– The Drums. Sounds older than it is, in a good way.
  6. North By North– Faded Paper Figures
  7. The Party Line– Belle and Sebastian. Pretty sure that B&S are my all time fave band… When I say that my playlist has doubled in size, be aware that a month ago it was just loads of B&S with a handful of other tracks thrown in!
  8. Blueberry Hill, Walking To New Orleans and Blue Monday– Fats Domino. Obviously.
  9. Ventura Highway and A Horse With No Name– America. If you’re an SNL fan, you must have seen The Californians. Not only is Ventura Highway mentioned numerous time, but the theme tune is based on the song too! Watch it here.
  10. Take It Easy– The Eagles

Hope you find some songs that you like on here, let me know what you think of them!


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