The MaddAddam Trilogy

One of my favourite series of books EVER, these are the books that introduced me to the wonderful world of Margaret Atwood. Since discovering her books, I have never read a single Atwood novel that wasn’t brilliant.

Although these books are a trilogy, they manage to defy the usual pattern of the sequel being the ‘bridge’ novel that is full of all the dull plot bits and the third being disappointing drivel. Each book is completely different, yet they all fit together like intricate jigsaw pieces, with subtle references to characters that have previously appeared. In fact, the second book is the best of the trilogy, in my opinion.

Very dark and very weird, they are oddly plausible. For example, the ‘pigoons’ that are mentioned are actually a real thing. Yes, that’s right, scientists are trying to grow human organs inside pigs. WEIRD.

The setting is described in such vivid detail that it’s easy to forget that it’s fiction and get really immersed in the plot, despite the fact that none of the characters are very nice people. This realistic approach (let’s face it, we can all be arseholes sometimes) makes the colourful background seem more normal. Additionally, it’s easy to pick out things that reflect aspects of our world, e.g SecretBurgers and ChickieNobs.

Not only would I recommend the MaddAddam trilogy to a friend, I would tell them to put down whatever book they were currently reading and start this instead. I can guarantee it would be better.


Find them here.


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